Clinks - Evaluation tools

17th December 2013

Here you will find guidance on different aspects of conducting research.

Evaluation hints and tips

A brief introduction to some of the main themes around research and evaluation by VCSE organisations in the criminal justice sector.

Standards of evidence guide

Standards of evidence refers to how confident we can be that findings from service evaluations are accurate. This guidance describes how different people view standards of evidence and how to decide what standard is right for you.

Achieving user participation in research

Hearing the views of service users is integral to any research or evaluation process. In fact, the quality of all primary research might be seen as being dependent on whether a representative group of users has been engaged. 

However there are nearly always challenges to engaging service users, who may have complex needs or live chaotic lives. Therefore this guide focuses on how to secure user involvement in research as participants or research subjects and offers a number of approaches to try. 

Achieving staff/volunteer commitment and participation in monitoring and evaluation

Effective monitoring and evaluation depends on the active contribution of staff/volunteers.

There are three ways in which staff may be involved:
  • They can contribute to your overall approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning 
  • They may be asked to collect data from service users 
  • They may be treated as ‘monitoring and evaluation subjects’
This document offers guidance on each of these.

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