The National Consortium of Social Enterprise

11th December 2013

NOMS is supporting the set up and growth of the National Consortium of Social Enterprises and Commissioners.  This Consortium offers a single point of contact approach, unprecedented flexibility and responsiveness in terms of scale, geography, services and specialist expertise. This positions it as  a go-to provider for all contracting needs where social enterprises can make a difference.

The Consortium will make it possible to respond to commissioners and primes contractor requirements at scale within standard timelines, which is often not possible for social enterprises at present.

This initiative will also provide social enterprises with access to capacity-building to improve their ability to participate in delivery of public services and develop trading income. For further information about the support and  the multitude of resources available look at the Social Firms UK  Info Mine website

National Consortium of Social Enterprises is being led by 3SC, Social Firms UK and Social Enterprise UK.  The contact details for these organisations are below.

NOMS is seeking 1000 social enterprises to join the Consortia.  This means social enterprises that are already a social enterprise or are working towards it.  This includes being:

  • A business that has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents..
  • An independent business earning more than half its income through trading (or working towards this).
  • Reinvesting or donating at least half any profits or surpluses towards a social purpose.
  • Transparently governed, controlled or owned in the interests of the social mission

The consortium is particularly interested if you have a tangible offer to increase the employability or employment of offenders, or other individuals facing disadvantage in the labour market.   If you can offer these, then please do join the Consortium.

Signing Up

Joining is an online process, you will be asked for information in two stages to help determine if the National Consortium for Social enterprise is right for you.

Go to to join.


3SC formed in 2009 as a Social Enterprise since then it has secured £65 million of public service contracts in the welfare, youth and justice sectors, for delivery through their VCSE partners across the UK.

To contact 3SC telephone 03303030300 or email

Social Firms UK telephone 01737 231360

Social Enterprise UK telephone 02033894950

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