New Transport Initiatives from South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

3rd December 2013


Busboost works by inviting existing car users within your organisation to take part. It is hoped that by using public transport, employees will recognise the benefits and alter their commuting habits. Recent evidence suggests that there has been upto a 70% modal shift in employees that have taken part in the scheme.

Your employees can gain a 28 day Travel Master ticket which can be used on any bus, train or tram across South Yorkshire.

Busboost not only benefits your employees but you as an employer too. Research has shown that travelling on public transport can be a third less stressful, meaning your employees arrive at work less stressed. You will also reduce the demand on car parking spaces if applicable and it could help you meet your environmental targets and contribute to achieving some chartermarks.


This scheme encourages your employees to cycle to work through a number of ways. Employees considering cycling to work can loan a bike and accessories for a trial period. After the trial, they have the opportunity to purchase a bike at a significant discount. Participants of the scheme will also have the opportunity to achieve a level 2 bikeability qualification. Running in parallel with this are maintenance courses and all employees will have access to Dr Bike at the workplace for free maintenance of their bike. There is also the opportunity for employers to be supplied with free cycle parking.

The benefits to you as an employer can be reduced absenteeism as staff are generally healthier and fitter, reduced carbon footprint and contribution to achieving some chartermarks.


This scheme offers incentives to alleviate barriers to walking to and from work i.e. walking shoes, clothing, ruck sacks, umbrella, and pedometers. There is also support to help set up lunchtime walking clubs to ensure walkboost is accessible to all. We can construct personalised journey plans to encourage staff to walk to work. There is also accredited walk leader training available to all staff to enable employees to be confident in leading a recreational walk with family and friends. Each offer to businesses would be different and a representative would come out to assess your business needs separately.

ECO Stars

ECO stands for Efficient and Cleaner Operations. ECO stars rates individual vehicles and your fleets overall road transport operation using a star rating criteria, to recognise levels of operational and environmental performance.

Each member signing up to the scheme will receive tailor made support to ensure that their fleet is running as efficiently and economically as possible to help them progress to a higher rating.

When signing up for the scheme each company will be assessed against fleet composition, fuel management, driver skills development, vehicle specification, preventative maintenance, use of IT support systems, performance monitoring and management.

By implementing the key measures recommended as a result of the assessment, a typical HGV operator could expect to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 5% in the first year. A typical HGV could also see annual output of carbon dioxide fall by six tonnes per year.

Eco Business Driving

This scheme is available to your company drivers. This can also include your grey fleet drivers. The scheme is aimed at drivers who drive upto a maximum 3.5 tonne vehicle or a 9 seater mini bus. The scheme consists of two elements, both of which are completely free:

A short driver education course. This consists of a two hour in-car driving session delivered by a specially trained driving coach, followed by a 1 hour facilitated group discussion. Recent research shows that drivers who have completed this type of training have saved between 10-15% on their fuel costs.

The second element is a support package that will help you to ensure that you are maximising the efficiency and safety of your drivers.

The aim of the scheme is to make your company more profitable by reducing fuel and collision related costs, whilst reducing the impact that vehicle use has on the environment.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles in South Yorkshire is a scheme aimed at increasing the uptake of Electric Vehicles. It will demonstrate bottom line savings in fuel and maintenance costs to SME’s. It will help reduce air pollution and emissions.

The funding provides a significant discount for leases of an Electric Vehicle, a charge point and it’s installation at the SME’s premises. The lease rates regardless of the discount are also very competitive. There will also be funding for six rapid chargers across the region.

Companies taking part in the scheme should see a substantial cost saving on their fuel bills. Government estimates show that Electric Vehicles cost between 2 to 3 pence per mile compared to a conventional engine at 13 pence per mile. This could lead to a typical saving per year of £1,200. There are also zero exhaust emissions, therefore reducing air pollution

There are also various other schemes that are tailored to more specific sectors. We would assess your company to see if you could benefit from any of the other schemes available.

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