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Thorne-Moorends Community Radio

Thorne Moorends Community Radio (TMCR) is an exciting new venture FOR the Community, FROM the Community, By the Community

We have already had a very successful 4 week-run in July/August 2005 and have another planned for summer 2007, which will wrap around the Throne Festival weekend.

Our aim is to gain a full 5 year license for the area. Current forecasts suggest that this cannot happen until at least Easter 2007, due to delays at Ofcom in processing applications.

 We will be training people in broadcast skills and they will staff the station, every presenter will be from the local area so will have local knowledge. The station will cover Thorne, Moorends, Fishlake and Crowle in the main, but will be heard further afield too.

TMCR are offering spots for service providers to be a part of the eventual station, providing the local area with news of events, services and information available to the community.

Contact Gordon Sharpe, Project/Station Manager

Thorne-Moorends Community Radio

Office 2, The Winning Post

Marshland Road, Moorends

Doncaster DN8 4PB 

Tel: 01405 818081
Email: studio@tmcr.org.uk
Website: www.thornemoorendscommunityradio.co.uk

TMCR Limited, Registered in England and Wales no. 6471394