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Summat's Changing

Summat´s Changing is a voluntary group based in Doncaster, which aims to motivate and inspire people from disadvantaged communities, and the community organisations that work with them, to improve their employability, entrepreneurship or general productivity.

The group will address these issues in two ways:

  • By delivering courses to pioneer a motivational group coaching approach to disadvantaged individuals
  • By providing performance coaching to volunteers/workers from voluntary/community organisations

The eight-session `Success Course´ for individuals will rebuild an individual´s self-belief, increase and renew their self-confidence to support them to take responsibility for their own lives.

The Success Course is based on The 7 Rules of Success, Harrold, F, 2006, Hodder Mobius, a best-selling book and successful programme.

Fiona Harrold is one of the UK´s leading Life Coaches and she is supporting Summat´s Changing to bring this innovation to Doncaster.

The sessions are delivered by a local life coach, Karen Foy, the only person licensed to deliver The 7 Rules of Success. Each person committing to the course will be taken through a series of stages to build their self determination, belief and confidence and they will work as a group to develop and implement personalised action plans. The informal group setting will allow for peer support and accountability.

The overall objective is to contribute to the social and economic regeneration of the Doncaster area by supporting individuals from disadvantaged communities to develop the self-belief and resilience that allows them to make changes for the better. We expect that through this personalised approach to developing individuals there will be a positive impact on those around them and the wider community. Summat´s Changing believes the programme will breathe life back into the communities and prepare participants to move toward their own life changing goals. Raising aspirations, building self-confidence and self-belief will contribute not only to the productivity of residents but also positively impact on their health and well-being.

Executive and performance coaching is being used increasingly by companies supporting their leaders and staff to reach peak performance. The second element of this project is to transfer the effectiveness of the approach to the voluntary and community sector by providing this coaching to staff from voluntary/community organisations.

If you would like to find out more then please contact Summat's Changing on:

Telephone: 07950 579566
Email: summatschanging@tiscali.co.uk
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Summat's Changing, c/o Doncaster Mind
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